God is Whispering

We hear the whispers in falling leaves, sunsets, and hugs from dear friends. God is whispering.

We know when our souls are weary, dry and worn. That edgy, lost, restless feeling that we try to drown. God is whispering.

I feel it when I look at the people I love most and know that I have nothing more to give. I feel empty at times. God is whispering.

Today is an invitation. Right now. I’m inviting you to come away for a weekend. I’ve reserved a retreat house. There are 7 rooms. One is for you. You can rest. You can read. You’ll be given meals. We’ll laugh. We’ll share and listen. You’ll have space to be. Space to be.

January 27-29.
$175 for 2 nights, 3 days, 4 meals.
Download the flyer below. Reserve your space. Invite a friend, if you’d like!

God is whispering. It’s time to take care of your soul.
Solitude Retreat Flyer

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