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Anyone else have a little bit of a sugar hang-over? Valentine’s Day is such a strange day for so many. Lots of expectations, stuff to do, buy, make, say, eat.

It really comes down to love, though. How do we give it? How do we receive it? It’s not about relationship status or finding snarky ways to shrug off the day. It’s about love.

Love can make us uncomfortable. Talking about love and God is even more difficult for some of us. It’s either all been said and done or it seems so far removed that finding language for loving God is like trying to grasp the misty February air.

I have something for you. It’s free. A handful of people contributed to an e-book called God’s Love for Me: His Love Never Quits I’m one of the contributors.  I’m also someone who struggles at times to receive God’s love for me.  Other people? Of course!  Me?  Well…I guess.

Click on this link, and easily download the book.  My post-Valentine’s Day gift to you.  From one person trying to really grasp “love” to another.

Grace and peace.

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